[Never shared before] How to translate trend concepts, end consumer profiles, stats, and projects into a new collection?
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Wednesday Journal
Let me share today some of the work we produce for our corporate clients.
I believe this is the first time?

Most of the time, the project is confidential since we work on trends and upcoming collections.
But the four videos you can access today are already in use since Spring, and I thought it could be interesting for you to see a part of our corporate work.
So today's journal is rather concentrated on these four videos and a few more inspirations.

Extra tip: Switch to large-screen mode to watch the videos on your desktop, it's worth it!



Our Latest Corporate Work:
4 Lifestyle Trends 2020/21 - The Video Series

I don't think I've ever told you that we have an in-house video production company together with my husband. On some occasions, we collaborate and produce trend videos for corporate clients.

I've tried to explain the core idea of the videos and different stages on Eclectic Trends because a video that works needs structured storytelling, regardless of whether the content is emotional or rational.

How to translate trend concepts, end consumer profiles, stats, and projects into a new collection?

You'll see our methodology and learn about current trends translated into a surface collection that is on the market since Spring/Summer.

The four videos are split in two articles, please access below:

In case you missed it
Missed it
Reusable packaging for flight companies

Our radar is on packaging design now. More precisely, on reusable packaging, taking into account how many takeaway and home deliveries we are consuming in this mid-pandemic situation.
This onboard meal service collection will make you want to keep it. And the refillable (and sexy) water bottle is a keeper!

The online food delivery and the takeaway market is worth around

per year globally.

We need to see into the collective waste we create when traveling until single-use plastics are not banned.
This London-based studio shows you how.
What I’ve been watching, reading,
listening to or bookmarked on my wishlist
(not always work related).*
Milk Dekoration

I never had any magazine subscriptions because I very often change my readings not sticking to one single editorial.
But I love Milk Decoration and missed their quarterly edition often. Also, so many kiosks have been shut down, so this is what I got for my birthday and the first issue arrived a few days ago. As usual, it's so good.
Marie Forleo - Broke doesn't scare me

I am a firm believer of energy and achieving results by moving it. It's a currency! You can watch the Marie Forleo show or listen to this episode as a podcast. In any case, don't miss out.
Marie interviews Arian Simone, book author of The Fearless Money Mindset. I was gardening last weekend while I listened to it and loved it.
Ted Lasso
Apple TV

When your husband is into football but promises you that this series is 'above all very entertaining', you give it a shot. Truth is, we're into chapter 5 and I'm in binging mode. Don't be fooled, it's hilarious, still they cover it all from feminism to racism, bullying, empowerment, etc. It's well wrapped up, and that's makes it refreshing.

* These tips are no necessarily new and have been published recently, some titles have been on the  
   market for a while.
I've been wondering for a while whether to put wallpaper again in my new home. This design, with its relief effect, has been bookmarked and is definitely a candidate. What do you think?
Your Tips

Is there any topic you feel we should share?

It's going to be a bit quieter over here and I might skip the next newsletter. But upon my return, I have a new downloadable It's Trending report for you. Wishing you all a smooth October entry.

Sending meanwhile un abrazo.

PD: Thanks for your tips and suggestions, I will work on them and answer them all bit by bit. A few might even get published over here.
G, x

For my German readers:

Wenn ihr interessiert seid eins meiner letzten Interviews in den deutschen Medien zu lesen, dann schaut doch einmal hier beim Stylemag vorbei.

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