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Wednesday Journal
This is November. (My) Perception Of Time.

I'm back from a family break, which felt great; I hadn't seen my father in two years and can't even tell where these past 48 months have gone. I feel like there is a 2-years whole in my life timeline - can you relate?

Also, I attended the first business congress with 300 ladypreneurs last weekend, an indescribable energy shoot. Extraordinaria (a women's business community) hasn't come together in two years. It was epic.
Imagine 300 women in one auditorium during three days learning, laughing, dancing, crying, and connecting, the building was vibrating, and I am not even kidding here. I think Barcelona got a bit brighter these days:)

I hope you are doing well; you might be thinking of the first Christmas decorations already (Only five weeks to go? How is that possible?)

Anyhow, time is such a personal perception. These in and out restrictions have caused a sense of time-warp, almost like jetlag. And if you ask me what I've been doing in the past 18 months, I need to pause and think about it.

We have a few more Wednesday Journals to come in 2021, and I have planned great news to announce still this year, but as planning doesn't make too much sense, I just leave it here...time will show:)

Casa Mutina - A 360º on a company's portfolio

We all know the Italian brand by its distinctive, fun, and contemporary tiles design.
But did you know they have a grey, black, green, light and dark suite in Modena you can visit? And much more than tiles in their portfolio?

This project is a great example of how to step away from showcasing product only and moving towards creating a more emotional context.
In case you missed it
The Ebook

In case you haven't seen it yet, we've put together again an ebook of Jotun's Colors 2022 (28 colors) including these three moods. Click below to download.


"The world is entering into a talent migration that's bigger than anything we've seen before. We call it the #GreatReshuffle, an unprecedented moment in the history of work where all of us are rethinking not just how we work, but why we work. To me, this is a great thing. More people will be doing work they love at companies they feel passionate about, leading to greater success for organizations who engage their employees with empathy and trust."

Ryan Roslansky, Chief Executive, LinkedIn
I invite you to read the comment section of the CEO's post which is probably more interesting than his short video.

What I’ve been watching, reading,
listening to or bookmarked on my wishlist.
Ok, we did it. Getting on a new streaming platform. Was it necessary? Probably not, but I wanted to watch Big Little Lies for a long time now. This is what I've watched since then.
Big Little Lies

Watching Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep together in several scenes (season 2) is a masterclass, quite frankly.
On acting, on human strength, and vulnerability. I am not sure if it's the first show by and about women (mainly), but it's the best I've seen so far. It leaves you with that void of not knowing what to watch afterwards (see 2 images on the right).

At A Distance

The Slowdown people released last year a podcast which I truly loved. At a Distance focuses on long-view, planetary-scale concerns and is now organized as a book of 100 of these interviews. Presented in short-form narratives that capture the best thinking in an easily digestible way, the book contextualizes the surrounding political, cultural, and social climate with revealing editorial commentary.

Mare Of Easttown

So, upon finishing Big Little Lies, I got hooked on Kate Winslet's last show. It took me a while to be immersed in the story. It wasn't love at first sight. Kate plays a detective whose town is gripped by the unsolved murder of a young mother and an ongoing investigation into a growing number of missing women. Meanwhile, you learn about her own and very complex life.

Missed it
10 Interior Examples That Illustrate How Much Hotel Design Has Changed

Try it out for yourself: look at the images and ask yourself what this space could be.

The Wellbeing Reports
Wellness is today's most sought-after concept regardless of the industry. Our latest trend report, The New Care Economy, shares how care and wellness look inside and outside our homes and explains what makes a wellness brand in 2022/23.
I've received many requests on when my Domestika course is being published, and the truth is, I don't know 🤷‍♀️, but it should be in the upcoming weeks. I'll let you know asap:)

Un abrazo.
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