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Wednesday Journal
Space of Mind.
Never have we seen before so many initiatives to keep us sane.

Mental health used to be associated basically with anxiety and depression. That term is taken now out of a medical context and integrated into the design world.
The first article describes why and how small cabins are taking over.
They are the new medical description to stay focused, have some intimacy, and room to breathe.

If you don't have that extra yard, search for a cabin/treehouse retreat on the GlampingHub site to book an intimate getaway from time to time (see below).

You'll tick all the boxes when it comes to sustainability (most come with renewable energy), health (peace of mind), and mini housing (urbanization). Et voilà, the topic belongs to all three Macro Trends.

Today's Journal has some main focus on travel and the impact of its absence. Looks like someone is missing travling.😉

Missed it
How To Market A Carpet Collection And Nail Current Needs

This editorial is a master example of how to push the boundaries in surface design.
We share this project not because we'd like to give you an idea of a new wall-to-wall carpet or rug design. The whole point is how they market the collection with a visual and written message.

In case you missed it
7 Examples Of The 'Space Of Mind' Concept

Cabins were initially thought of as an extension of our homes as a sort of refuge to work in a focused atmosphere and have some space of mind, but many have already morphed into multi-functional spaces.
See how creative the cabin fever has become.

Missed it
With A 70% Decline in Airline Travel, how can the luggage industry survive?

The article shares a few interesting numbers and developments of well-established brands. Rimowa (among others) shows how to translate its well-known design features into new products that do not belong to the luggage category. Will that be enough?
Where glamour meets camping.

As a complementary read to our Space of Mind topic, you might want to discover this site. Tents, villas, cabins, lodges, and treehouses, the offer has no end, and the search for it has exponentially increased in 2020.
GlampingHub now has 30,000 (!!) listings worldwide; you might find something in your near surroundings to practice some LOCALISM.
See the site.
What I’ve been watching, reading,
listening to or bookmarked on my wishlist
(not always work related).*
Ceramic Review

I am back since this summer to renting out a little space in a ceramics hub. It's my 'peace of mind' area.
And I got an annual subscription to Ceramic Review.
The first issue just came in, and it's been the perfect blanket, tea, Panetone weekend moment since we are not allowed to leave the village from Fri-Sun.

The Queen's Gambit

You better plan some time because this mini-series is ready to absorb you from the very first moment and won't let you go until you haven't seen the last chapter. Amazing aesthetics (can't help it, the visual part always gets me), striking performance of the lead actress (WOW), and you don't need to understand chess to enjoy that gem.

Table Game

We've been playing much Halma as of late. The reason is I don't want to be in front of a screen until going to bed every evening.
It's fun, distracting, and clears your mind.
You'll need to hop over your opponent's players and get as fast as possible all your pawns in your field.

* These tips are no necessarily new and have been published recently, some titles have been on the  
   market for a while.
In research on Passenger Confidence Tracking conducted in October 2020,  9,500 people were polled across 12 countries worldwide, and


claim their travel habits will change – even once the pandemic has subsided.
Passengers want better technology, too. I find that part particularly interesting and can relate to every bullet point (I'd love to see no.4 sorted!).
Read the article.
A Resort That Comes As A Kaleidoscopic Creation
If you are into ceramics, you know that a large part of production comes from molds. This is not the case with Katey Ridley Murphy's porcelain work. Each one-of-a-kind piece is individually sculpted and found in nature.

"I have an obsession with replicating objects, working with them side by side, and seeing how closely I reach each time," she says.

I will close the online course next year for a while and only open inscriptions at specific dates (I'll keep you posted).
If you want to ensure you don't miss the access, you can enroll at any time for now.

Your Tips

Is there any topic you feel we should share?

We have summer temperatures over here, and though that normally feels great, I find it scary in November.
These days, the best news has been political and coming from the US; I hope the new government will address climate change soon again and resume the Paris agreement they ceased in 2017. This is no short-sleeve season, and we shouldn't get used to it.

I hope you're all finding once in a while some space of mind despite the new restrictions we're living with now.
Sending un abrazo.
PD: We are still in the Color Trends 2021 season.
I will present in the next Wednesday Journal for the first time color trends from Brazil.🇧🇷
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