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Welcome to the Wednesday Journal!

Thank you very much for your valid input on the type of newsletter you'd like to receive, it was duly noted (and interesting to learn).

Here comes the result of what you'd like to read, and I care to communicate.

The WJ is thought of as a place to find inspiration, education, and resources.

Let me briefly explain the core idea:

1. The Journal is still edited by me.
2. You'll find information linked to Eclectic Trends and elsewhere (new).
3. I've reduced the number of publications to two/month (new).
4. The idea is to access different content you can read, watch, listen to, and download (new).
5. This is an ongoing process, I will add and take out sections, try new content, colors, etc. Let's say, this is a Beta experiment:)  (new)
6. I'm happy to receive your suggestions and include the topics you select. See below a section (Your Tips) to contact me and submit ideas and thoughts (new).

Now let's dive into the content of this first journal:

How can a fashion designer help to promote an exclusive apartment by doing home staging?

We live in a world of interdisciplinary collaborations and will hopefully witness much more. Luxury fashion designer Roksanda Ilincic leaves her colorful signature style in a penthouse in London.
  In case you
  missed it
Missed it
Not your conventional coworking

We will see very calm and mood-boosting color palettes as a result of a challenging 2020 (that is my personal/professional perception). Some of us found great comfort in working from home, others can't wait to go back and mingle with colleagues and leave an isolation bubble.
If you look for a place to meet like-minded people or at least would like to envision what a non-conventional coworking looks like, please check the latest project by Masquespacio.
Missed it

"My background is in the film industry; creating a fictitious room or set based on these characters and their history. I try and do that [in hotels] to create depth in what we’re designing, so it’s not just materials and objects there for no reason – it gives a connecting thread to everything.”
- Shawn Hausman
“This is not a time where personalization of taste and style are taken into account, but personalization of NEEDS has become the merging driver. The relevance is different, and brands might consider that change.”
Gudy Herder
Trend Universe
Digital Trend Report + Book
Igor Josif and myself talked a few days ago about trends. When I received a copy of his Plant Tribe book, there was so much in common with Ceremony, we decided to share our insights on IG live. I'm explaining the four pillars of the Mindful Design trend there which you might want to use in your own communication; and we've a unique treat (that ends in three days) including the Plant Tribe book.
What we’ve
been watching, reading,
listening to or marked on our wishlist.*
Little Fires Everywhere on Amazon Prime

My streamline consumption has not been much in 2020, but Kerry Washington, Reese Witherspoon, and the mostly female cast have me made watch this mini series twice.

A Rush to Use Black Art Leaves the Artists Feeling Used

This article on the NY Times shows how to not do things.

* This is no necessarily brand new and has been published
  recently, some tips have been on the market for a while.
"Typology was born out of a mission."

Ning Li, the founder of Typology, introduced an all-natural beauty brand in France in 2019 and recently launched in the UK amid the global pandemic.
Hopefully, this is what future beauty products are all:
vegan, cruelty-free, ethically sourced, locally made. And afforable!

Since February, there has been a
increase In people searching “how to get your brain to focus”, a 110% increase in “how to focus better”, and a 60% rise in “how to increase focus”.

Read the full article

  Online Course
This makes me very happy...
“100% of all students who have enrolled so far say this course offers excellent value for money.

Your Tips

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I'm about to take a summer break. It's been a long working year, and I can't wait to explore my new countryside surroundings finally.
The Wednesday Journal will pop in your mailbox in a couple of weeks again (emails are answered upon my return).
I wish you all summer days full of joy.
Un abrazo.

PD: PLEASE 🙏 let me hear what you think of this new edition.

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